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to the Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation

The beverage industry was always notoriously an old boys’ club until a few daring women made their way into the world of wine and spirits. Recognizing the need to be empowering and encouraging to other women who wanted to follow their hearts deep into the vineyards, Deborah Brenner, President of Women of the Vine and author of bestseller Women of the Vine: Inside the World of Women Who Make, Taste, and Enjoy Wine, became a beacon of inspiration to women who worked hard to make it in the industry worldwide.

More than a membership-based networking organization, Women of the Vine & Spirits seeks to give women the assistance they need in order to nurture and grow their careers. It’s not just about promoting women to be strong in the alcohol beverage industry though. Partnerships with Men of the Vine are encouraged as well to promote the connection of executives across the globe, working together to bring about new opportunities for everyone.

Women of the Vine had its inaugural Global Symposium in March 2015 in Napa, a more than appropriate place for those who embrace wine culture and seek to globalize it. And speaking of globalization, there were over 500 attendees that hailed from 5 different countries. This Symposium was the very foundation of the organization, focusing on helping women overcome the challenges in the industry and encouraging leadership.

Members of Women of the Vine & Spirits get to connect with a large and strong network of colleagues, develop professionally, mentor or be mentored, create their own personal brand, attend events at a discount, access a career development center, and much more. It’s open for anyone to join and participate anywhere in the world, though recently the Women of the Vine & Spirits announced growth with a more pronounced presence in Europe. The objective of this is to gain more diversity in understanding the trends that drive alcohol sales.

With this announcement, Brenner feels this is the next logical move, citing that “having more women in leadership roles across the globe drives innovation and creativity.” As a driving force in the industry, women taking on the challenging roles in the alcohol beverage industry have much to look forward to, as do the companies that produce alcoholic beverages as it will bring about a stronger bottom line. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved and something everyone can raise their glass to.

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