The Burgeoning Wine Scene of Italy’s Famed Collisioni Festival

In the gorgeous wine region found in the Langhe Hills in a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the village of Barolo, one of the most spectacular cultural events takes place. While the main purpose of the festival is to bridge the gap between all artistic methods, genres, generations, and languages, it has become something so much more than that.

Over the span of four days, this quiet wine village becomes a non-stop outdoor experience filled with lectures, readings, and concerts. The melding of the arts in one venue, particularly one that finds itself in the magical surroundings of the main village square picturesquely surrounded by the ancient Barolo vineyards, is truly a spectacle to behold. While it sounds like a mish-mash of artistic expressions being thrown together in one of the most visually stunning places on the planet, the event offers the chance for the younger generations to cozy up to important singers and writers to learn from the greats and hone their own skills in their respective crafts.

While this is certainly fascinating stuff, one of the most exciting aspects of the Collisioni Festival is no doubt the opportunity to partake in wine indulgences and the gastronomic experiences that come along with it. In fact, while the roster for famed guests is rather robust itself with notables such as Red Canzian, Roberto Vecchioni, Paolo Virzi, Veronica Pivetti, Peter Handke, Joyce Carol Oates, Luca Argentero, Placebo, and even Matt Dillon, by far the biggest guest star of this four-day extravaganza is wine.

To make wine the ultimate guest star of the Collisioni Wine Progect, it could not have been done without the expertise of Ian D’Agata, better known as the creative director of Collisioni Progetto Vino & Food, senior editor of Vinous, and scientific director of Vinitaly International Academy. Amid the apt surroundings of the vineyards along with cultural elements from art, literature and musical backgrounds, the Collisioni wine project is ripe with wine experts joining the panel to enrich others with the wine culture.

The wine project at the festival is nine days and features a series of tastings much to the delight of every palate, as well as visits to the Barolo winery, tours, more tastings in the form of walk-arounds at the festival, and pairings with lunch and dinner. The goal of Progetto Vino was to bring more vocalization to the region, sharing the offerings of incredible Italian wine and food paired in blissful harmony. Over 70 hand-picked wine & food experts were in attendance spanning 11 different countries around the globe, who shared in over 60 events from panel tastings to vineyard visits to meetings.

The Collisioni Festival in essence is the epitome of wine drinking paradise. What more could anyone ask for in life than to be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of a gorgeous Italian village that abuts ancient vineyards while partaking in copious amounts of wine and being exposed to art, literature and music? While the festival encourages the lively competition of exercising the art of drinking wine from a glass, mindless guzzling is discouraged, for one would truly miss out on some of the greatest flavors of the most sublime Italian vintages. It’s a gastronomic tour of Italy that spans from Piedmont down to Basilicata all the way through Friuli and Latina.

Quite literally, hundreds of wines from every region of Italy were tasted during the Collisioni Progetton Vino. Alongside these tastings, samplings of the regions’ most delectable delicacies prepared by some of Italy’s top chefs will round out the flavor experience. However, the festival isn’t about mindless grazing and the continuous draining of glasses for that glorious tipsy feeling. A very unique and wholly refreshing aspect of this festival unlike other more ribald events is that it seeks to educate and infuse attendees with discoveries and information as they infuse themselves with wine.

The wine scene looked to bond the mind of wine producers in holy matrimony with selected wine professionals of the industry from sommeliers, bloggers, media, renowned companies, and more to engage in interactive dialogues while moving through the journey of Native varieties and wine regions together. Some highlights of the wine events were the Strade Del Vino Di Latina, a wine growing area of the region Lazio tasting flights Bellone, Nero Buono & Malvasia Puntinata; The Verdicchio tasting 30 wines, sparkling & dry from the regions of Castelli di Jesi and Metalica. Panel discussions were lead by Steven Spurrier, Fabio Ciarla, Levi Dalton, Monty Walden, Laura DePasquale, Michaela Morris, Lingzi He, Mechele Longo and Ian D’Agata along with winemakers, producers and the select wine professionals.

The Collisioni Festival Progetto Vino is a wine professionals absolute dream come true. A chance to taste the best of Italian wine and cuisine while indulging in the glorious Barolo estate backdrops, not to mention the artful expressions found by the myriad artists, poets, and musicians that will be in attendance. It’s an event that indulges the mind, body, soul, and palate with something to stimulate all five senses, and perhaps even tickle that sixth sense too.

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