The Wine that Flows Through the Veins of the Del Bianco Family

The deep roots of the vineyards at Masottina run through more than the rich soil. They run through the veins of the Dal Bianco family, coursing through them since 1946 when Masottina Winery first developed its vineyard in the ripe hills of Conegliano. In fact, the past three generations of the Dal Bianco family have all actively contributed to the production of the wines here, further elevating the quality of their wines.

As it was formed then, over 70 years ago, it still thrives today by focusing on those deep roots that it originated from, fueled by intense passion and devotion that continues to carry it through with absolute panache. After all, working in the hills of Conegliano requires the deepest type of devotion and passion because the steep inclines and laborious tasks truly must come from a place of love. It’s a hand-picked, hand-made labor of love that gives the wines produced by Masottina Winery that distinctive and unmatched flavor. Epifanio Dal Bianco, the founder, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Once WWII ended, Epifanio was among the first to brilliantly snap into the mostly untapped, pardon the pun, potential for wine production from the hillsides of Conegliano. Diligently, he expanded the family’s very first vineyard by planting new vines with every year until they became an incredible expanse.

The Dal Bianco family grew too, as families tend to do, and Epifanio’s sons all became active in the vineyards, getting to know the wine industry as a whole and learning the ins and outs of the winemaking process. Cemented into their family code, one thing that was made impeccably clear from the very beginning was the upholding of pristine quality, something that has not once wavered in the slightest throughout all of these years.

Joined by following generations, each of the sons produced in the Dal Bianco family has played a powerful role in ensuring the quality of all Masottina wines produced. It’s the constant pursuit of the highest standards that every one of these brothers shares an intense bond with. While each of them specializes in differing areas, making it possible to effectively run this company, they are all united under the umbrella of quality.

To this end, the vineyards here utilize the best agronomic techniques which result in perfection for the grape varietals produced here. This extensive knowledge the family prizes in their cellar of winemaking secrets is vital to creating these incredibly unique grapes that produce an unmatched flavor.

This attention to detail is the reason that Masottina wines are one of the finest among all Italian wines. They have a refined and elegant quality to them that makes every sip a sublime moment in time that one finds unforgettable.

The delightful tingling on the tongue that rises up from Masottina’s DOCG-certified Prosecco and the Rive is a shining example of the Dal Bianco family winemaking traditions. Le Rive Masottina Sparkling Wines are without a doubt so revered due to the extensive family knowledge of oenology and viticulture. From the moment you uncork a bottle of prosecco by Masottina, the indulgent fragrance wafts forth, a captivating sensation that beckons from the glass. Rich with distinction, there are no other wines that can compare. It is exactly why the Dal Bianco family guards these family secrets so well, as you would if you could only produce wines of this echelon. Rive Di Ogliano, Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Prosecco Treviso, and Cuvee Speciali are the sparkling and bubbly delights of the Dal Bianco family.

Masottina, while quite renowned for producing some of the finest prosecco in all of Italy, also has a strong hold on still wines in the market too. They create these still wines through a very detailed process that combines autochthonous grapes with international varietals for a taste that is unlike anything else.

The beautiful flavors stem from the rich wine culture that rolls along the hills of Conegliano, the potential of which has only truly been mastered by the Dal Bianco family. In the Venezia collection, whites like pinot grigio are expressive and adored, while chardonnay by Masottina is DOC authenticated with a smooth and elegant fruit aroma that has become one of the crown jewels for Masottina Winery’s roster of stills.

If red wines are what get your heart beating, then Masottina’s merlot is quite similar to a Bordeaux thanks to the soil and climate, lending fresh fruity notes steeped in ancient tradition. The cabernet is robust with elegance brought forth from the Treviso soil, creating this bouquet of exquisite floral and fruit flavors for a harmonious blend.

Meanwhile, the Ai Palazzi pinot grigio, chardonnay, merlot, and cabernet all are well-structured fusions of the grape varietals. Each one is elegant with a persistent and unmatched flavor. In regards to the merlot, it is aged for at least 24 months in Slavonian oak barrels. This distinguished breeding of grapes combined with terroir and unwavering quality from the Dal Bianco family is what gives this collection of still whites and reds a unique profile even when compared to the other wines produced by Masottina Winery.

Rizzardo and Montesco, white and red respectively from the Conegliano collection, are both the pinnacle of perfection from the Masottina Winery. Of all the wines that they proudly and perfectly produce, these two are some of their absolute best. Officially marked by the DOCG, these wines are the epitome of the brand, a true representative of the quality that symbolizes the Dal Bianco family name.

Try the sparkling or still varieties of wine from Masottina Winery and you’ll feel the effort that went into the careful selection and processing of every unique varietal that was hand-picked for every perfectly executed batch. Tasting it is akin to knowing that you’ve arrived. Any bottle you select makes a bold statement, one that acknowledges life’s hard work alongside life’s purely splendid pleasures.

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