Baglio Di Pianetto

Sustainable Viticulture as the Foundation of Refined Winemaking

International and Native Varieties, their sustainable practices on both properties.

For 20 years, Baglio di Pianetto has been harvesting a sustainable concoction of incredibly refined wines that are a result of an impeccable blend of the traditional art of winemaking and innovative techniques. Born from tradition, the sustainable varietals found here began years ago from a young boy and a very simple request.

The story begins in Sicily when this boy, no other than Count Paolo Marzotto, asked his mother for a bottle of wine. He was too young for it but so insistent that she finally gave in, only with the promise that he couldn’t open it until he turned 17. Once he was of the agreed-upon age, he uncorked the bottle to discover that much of the contents had evaporated.

He couldn’t drink it but that half-empty bottle sparked a curiosity in him to determine what had happened. And thus, he found himself consumed by the fascinating process of winemaking, on a whirlwind expedition of Tuscany, Lombardy, and Veneto, to name a few. He came back to Baglio di Pianetto tucked away in the lush countryside just outside of Palermo.

It was the place where dreams would come true, both Count Paolo’s and for those who dream of wine. Thanks to the unique terroir of each of his estates, the wines crafted are a pure reflection of the passion Count Paolo established back then that is now carried on by the third generation. The wines the Marzotto family continues to cultivate today are nothing short of sheer elegance with every indulgent sip.

The Pianetto Estate

One of the estates that belongs to the Marzotto family is the Pianetto estate. It is in this high-altitude location, completely enveloped by the forests of the mountains and valleys, near Palermo where the diversity of the ecosystem here is what lends a most splendid complexity to the wines produced here. These gorgeous Sicilian landscapes serve as a perfect backdrop to the sustainable viticulture found here.

The terroir is incredibly unique, with a magnificent oak tree the stands at the hilltop right where all the grapevines converge. It is in this place where the exposure of the varietals coupled with the altitude, temperature and ventilation join forces to bring about these vintages of sustainable wines. Along with olive oil and a small parcel for wheat, only organic practices come to play here. The result is something truly spectacular, something of pure tradition that comes from the days where the Earth only had organic ingredients for the taking. At the Pianetto Estate, this devotion to purity sparkles in the freshness and sophistication of every wine, a showcase of the belief that fine wines are made in the vineyard, not in the cellar.

The Baroni Estate

The Marzotto’s other estate is located in Pachino, nearby Noto and just a stone’s throw away from the sea. This region is what has made the indelible mark on viticultural history and the prestige associated with it over the last thousand years. The remarkable quality of the soil here is what lends the distinction to the wines produced in this region. Sand and limestone are the driving forces behind the composition of the soil. Interestingly, the syrah varietal, not native to this area, does incredibly well here. Though by and large, Count Paolo’s unique Nero d’Avola is one of the most important of the Sicilian native varieties, one he cherishes above and beyond all else.

Thanks to the relative lack of precipitation but for winter, the mild temperatures here are ideally suited to provide protection to the production cycle of the varietals. Each harvest yields and abundance of grapes, picked at the peak of their perfection. With the rich blend of soil and this perfect climate, it’s little wonder why the wines produced here are considered some of the best in the world.

A Sustainable Way of Wine

With the Marzotto family’s deep roots in wine production and their focus on preserving the environment, sustainability for both the Palermo and Noto locations is paramount. Baglio di Pianetto’s commitment to the land is evident in the use of land for organic farming as well as for growing the vineyards that produce the rich collection of wines. The winery keeps its ear tuned in on what wine connoisseurs want, and one common thread between them all is the desire to have a traceable and reliable contact of information regarding where the ingredients of the things they eat and drink come from.

This is a trend that seems to be rampant across all wine consumers regardless of age, lifestyle, income or location. Because Baglio di Pianetto focuses on providing organic and sustainable wines that are expressive, elegant and indulgent, it comes as little surprise that nearly half of all bottles sold are outside of Italy. The dedication to pampering the produce and crafting solid wines from natural methods and sources is just one thing that stands Baglio di Pianetto apart from other wineries.

The other of course is how expressive and refined the wines are. Uncork a bottle with your favorite meal, or luxuriate on your deck while you breathe in the fresh air and your surroundings to realize how purely sensational life can be when you’ve got a glass of something so intimately crafted. From Reserves to Limited Edition and many more in between, the wines of Baglio di Pianetto offer a sumptuous way to complement your life with a refreshing zestfulness that rekindles harmony on the palate while balancing the whole of nature.

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